Dev Diary 9: Final

Thank you for reading through our dev diaries and wiki. We are now open for guests, and we go IC on Saturday, February 18th. Don’t miss it! You can find us at:, port 4767 See you there.

Open Q&A Thread

Hello, folks! We’re a few days from opening up to guests and now that we’ve put all our cards out on the table (or at least, on the wiki), we figure it’s a good time to open the floor to questions. Doing it here, as opposed to on guest channels, also guarantees everyone can see […]

Dev Diary 8: The Gunslinger System

Wedding Dress GO! In the penultimate post on this developer diary blog, we will be covering the second combat system on Dream Chasers MUSH. A great deal of the plot is going to revolve around the discovery of secrets and ferreting out of ancient conspiracies, but many disagreements can only be settled by good old-fashioned […]

Press Start to Skip: Althena’s Guard

“Discipline feels good! Haha!” –White Knight Leo Happy America Forgets About Everything But Watching Sweaty Men Day, everybody! Wedding Dress here, and as the┬álone Canadian on staff, it falls to me to post on the (current) final major antagonist group for DC MUSH: Althena’s Guard!